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Biography of Nino Giovanetti
Authorized guide, lecturer of Rome and an expert on the Vatican City

After completing high school, I continued my studies at the Angelicum University of Rome, run by the Dominican Order, where I specialized in art, archaeology, Roman history, Church history and history of the Popes, saint and their Relics.
I have gained a profund knowledge of Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel, the residence of the Pope Julius II, containing the works of Raphael.
I conduct special private visits of the Sistine Chapel, when the Chapel is closed to other visitors.

I have studied in depth the works of Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini as well as the many artists who have carried out their works in Rome for 2757 years!

I have a profound knowledge of the Churches, Places, Fountains, Museums and Art Galleries of Rome and in particular of the Archaeological areas from the Coliseum to the Roman Forum, of all the antique Topography and Jewish Sites.

I have gained a vast experiece as the head guide of the leading Travel Agency specializing in Incentive Groups, "Intercontinental Travel Company", with whom I have been collaborating for many years.

I have shown the art and monuments to the top managers of important Corporations such as Toyota, Ford, Chrysler as well as Insurance Companies an TV stations, during their "Site Inspection Trips" and subsequently I have conducted the guides tours for their groups.
I often handle Catholic an Jewish groups as well as individual parties of well-known politicians, industrialists, religious leaders (Catholics, Protestants, Jews).
I have shown the City of Rome to an important TV station from the N. E. USA and they have often broadcast my commentary.
I have talked about Rome, live, on a Canadian Radio Station from the Hotel Cavalieri Hilton, Rome.

My enthusiasm, experience and my love for Rome have inspired many visitors from the English language countries, mainly U.S.A. and U.K.

I speak Italian, French, Spanish and English fluently, although I conduct most of my tours in English.


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